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Capita to acquire Vodafone paging service

Date: 28th February 2017
Topic: News
Author: Philip Mason

Capita has reached an agreement with Vodafone UK to acquire its paging service, a move which will see the latter company’s UK paging customer base transferring to Capita’s PageOne business.

A spokesperson for Capita said: “This proposed acquisition will extend the future of wide-area paging services in the UK in an increasingly competitive mobile messaging market. It will enable Capita’s PageOne business to offer its extended range of integrated paging and messaging services to more customers.

“PageOne has been operating national paging services on its own independent paging network for 30 years. It provides a range of integrated messaging services for corporate and government organisations across the UK.”

According to the company, PageOne will work closely with Vodafone to ensure a smooth transition for customers, including allowing them to retain existing numbers. The acquisition is subject to Competition and Markets Authority approval.

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