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Ericsson and Telstra's intercontinental 10Gbps encrypted link

Date: 17th January 2017
Topic: News
Author: Philip Mason
Tags: Security, Ericsson, Telstra, Ciena, encryption

Ericsson and Telstra have used network strategy company Ciena's 10G wire-speed solution to encrypt data over a 10gbps intercontinental link.

The trial demonstrates, according to Ericsson, that advanced security can be achieved while data is in transit across large networks, in this case between Los Angeles and Melbourne. Ciena's encryption solution is described by the company as ultra-low latency.


Speaking of the trial, Ericsson’s Emilio Romeo said: "This time last year Telstra and Ericsson achieved an encryption trial between Melbourne and Sydney. We have now extended the distance with data in transit encryption at 10Gbps, which is the typical speed used today over these distances without encryption.

Ericsson brings our optical network systems expertise to progress these tests, and support Telstra's path toward commercialisation of this enhanced security capability."

Ericsson and Telstra are planning to demonstrate 100Gbps encryption between Los Angeles and Melbourne in the first half of this year.

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