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Olympic spectrum plan

Date: 20th March 2012
Topic: News
Technology: TETRA
Tags: Spectrum

Ofcom has published final updates to its spectrum plan for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Most of the extra spectrum required has been obtained from the Ministry of Defence, though some is from bands licensed for commercial use.

Extra spectrum has been found for the Airwave Tetra network, while channels for the Apollo network built by Airwave for the organizers of the games have been secured from the MoD and NATO.

Spectrum in the 2•6 GHz band, which has been cleared for Ofcom's coming 4G auction, is expected to be fully occupied during the games by wireless television cameras, while frequencies in the 800 MHz band released by the analogue TV shutdown will be made available to broadcasters for wireless microphones and talkback.

Ofcom has also published recently a further consultation on the coexistence of new mobile services in the 800 MHz band with digital terrestrial TV. It proposes an 'implementation body' (referred to as MitCo), to be funded by the new licensees, which would pay for measures such as antenna filters to mitigate any interference to DTT consumers. Without such measures, Ofcom calculates, some 2•3 million households could lose their DTT services partially or wholly.

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