60 seconds with DundasTech's Amanda Dundas

Amanda Dundas, consultant/project associate at DundasTech/RWCSL, discusses her career in wireless comms for major events

How do you spend most of your time at work?

Excel, PowerPoint, meetings and calls. As a project manager, most of my work is removing all the barriers to allow the engineers to do their job. During operational periods, I’ll be running around different venues solving issues, doing more tech things.

What’s the one gadget that you can’t live without?

My phone! As I mainly work remotely, my phone connects me to everyone else.

Describe your most unforgettable project.

Rio 2016 Olympics – I was responsible for parts of the ceremonies mass-cast, communications for the football cities and various other projects.

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve seen while working in the radio sector?

Some of our temporary installations are interesting. In Toronto we had a temporary installation in a haunted lighthouse on a small island on Lake Ontario.

What advice would you give to someone who’s considering a career in the two-way radio industry?

There are loads of opportunities beyond working for your local dealer – think outside the box and you will be surprised what you can achieve!

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