60 seconds with SFL's Tony Lowry

Tony Lowry, workshop manager at SFL Mobile Radio, discusses his time in the two-way radio industry

What’s the most popular type of radio system you’re asked to design?

We supply the majority of our radios to the building industry, which requires multi-channel capacity plus separate systems for tower crane ‘crash’ communications. Each site is individually tailored to ensure that there is no cross-talk between sites.

What’s the one gadget that you can’t live without?

My communications system analyser. It performs analogue and digital tests on all of our radios. It also auto-tests and auto-aligns the radios if necessary. Much easier and more efficient than doing it the old-fashioned way.

How has the task of running SFL’s workshop changed since you first started?

We have become more process- and quality-driven since being ISO accredited. Statistics captured for work performed have become more accurate– all customer service work is recorded on our software platform.

Describe your most unforgettable site visit.

There was one memorable visit for SFL, climbing up a crane for the first time. It was 60 metres tall and swaying in 70 kilometre per hour gusts of wind. Not very pleasant!

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