Advertorial: Hytera partners with operators and industries to drive ‘connected impact’ in the 5G era

Hytera, a leader in the Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) market, has recently been actively expanding its presence in the operator market.

What do Hytera and operators have in store for the industry in the 5G era? During Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2021 (MWCS21), Dr Guan Bao, general manager of the broadband system business division at Hytera, revealed the mystery in an exclusive interview.

Seize the momentum: achieve mutual benefit for PMR enterprises and operators in the 5G industry market

5G brings a new market disruption, which opens a completely new ocean of opportunities. 5G brings enhanced mobile broadband experience to B2C consumers and inspires new value for industries.

Dr Guan Bao pointed out that Hytera is actively involved in the operator market for two reasons.

Firstly, the development trend of industries and the demands for business development have pushed Hytera to act. Whether 5G technology can achieve tremendous business success depends heavily on whether 5G can be widely utilised in vertical industry markets.

5G promotes the integration of public and private networks and creates greater market opportunities and higher requirements for conventional private network manufacturers. Overall, the opportunities outweigh the challenges. In the future, operators will be indispensable to the industry market.

As a leader in the conventional PMR market, Hytera needs to follow industry development trends and actively participate in the operator market.

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