An end to alarm headaches

(Advertisement feature) Dealerships and channel partners are being increasingly asked to integrate two-way radios with alarm systems, but this can be surprisingly difficult and time-consuming. GlobalView Systems has the answer

Digital two-way radio has been embraced by the UK PMR market, but is it living up to its full potential? That’s the question asked by Matt Wright, the CEO of GlobalView Systems, a UK-based software development company specialising in solutions that enhance two-way radio systems. Part of the issue is that today’s channel partners are fantastically well-equipped to install digital systems and support the growing base of DMR users, but are understandably less at home when it comes to coding software and IP.

This is compounded by the fact that some of the alarm integration systems for two-way radio on the market can be difficult to use and, in some cases, customer services support can be an issue with some providers struggling to provide the necessary capacity.

Making it easy
To solve this problem, GlobalView Systems has developed a number of solutions, including the R-LinX, an alarm handler designed to make alarm/PMR integration as easy to carry out as possible. Wright explains the thinking behind it. “We wanted to take the pressure away – it’s a hard enough job being on site, our system shouldn’t complicate it further, it should be almost pleasurable to set up. We saw the challenge as being how we could get the channel partner from a standing start to be able to connect an alarm handler up in the fastest time possible with minimal training, and then give them the confidence to recommend and sell it.”

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