Bridging the cellular small cell coverage divide

The newly launched Freshwave Group plans to solve indoor and outdoor cellular coverage issues by bringing together building owners, tenants, municipalities and mobile operators using new collaborative commercial models. James Atkinson talks to Simon Frumkin, CEO, to find out more.

You cannot get cellular coverage everywhere, all of the time. That is a fact that every mobile phone user knows all too well. For consumers, this ‘best effort’ service is just something they are largely resigned to dealing with. But for many organisations, lack of mobile coverage can be more than just frustrating, it can have a detrimental effect on the business.

Research conducted by analyst company CCS Insight on behalf of the Freshwave Group reveals the extent of the problem. CCS surveyed 500 senior business leaders of UK companies with 100500 employees in December 2019. Of these, 97 per cent reported mobile signal issues in their offices, with most acknowledging serious knock-on effects.

Some 72 per cent reported the negative effect it had on employees, including wasted productivity, lower morale and more complaints. Seventy per cent said they lost sales or were impacted by direct costs, and 52 per cent believed that client satisfaction suffered or that the business incurred reputational damage.

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