BT’s 5G university challenge

Philip Mason talks to BT’s principal technology partner, David Wrout, about the UK’s first dedicated 5G network at the campus of Warwick University

One of the themes of the latest issue of Land Mobile is the way in which ‘work’ is likely to be carried out in a post-pandemic world.

This obviously includes the notion of ‘remote working’, facilitated in particular by Teams, Zoom and whatever might come after as the market continues to evolve. We have also looked at education, again focusing not just on lesson content but how the nature of learning itself might change, with ‘offsite’ delivery now becoming increasingly viable.

Having said all that, however – and with life becoming increasing ‘convenient’ on a daily basis – it is clear that in certain circumstances, there is just nothing like being there. This is certainly the case when it comes to education, where the experience of being surrounded by fellow students is actually central to the overall learning process.

This is currently being borne out at Warwick University, which in normal times boasts a thriving campus of over 20,000 students. It is also the site of the UK’s first dedicated 5G network, as rolled out by BT towards the end of last year.

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