Comms to prevent COVID-19 transmission

The global pandemic has prompted the development of a variety of communications solutions intended to help maintain the health of those in the workplace. Vaughan O’Grady investigates.

Communications vendors have made a variety of valuable contributions during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

These include, for instance, what we may term ‘health tips’, with the likes of Simoco offering advice on the regular cleaning of mobile radio equipment. At the same time, companies have also engaged in charitable support, an example of which is Sepura partner GEG donating vital equipment to an emergency hospital in Italy.

Perhaps the most vital work currently taking place, however, is where companies are using their technological expertise to fight the virus more directly. Much of this is centred around the protection of the workplace itself, whether in terms of the monitoring of the environment/employees, or the dissemination of up-to-the-minute health advice.

Elevated skin temperature

One example of a recent development in this area is Motorola Solutions’ Avigilon H4 ETD product. The solution uses thermal imaging to monitor employees for elevated temperature.

Mark Weatherley is Motorola Solutions’ senior sales director for video security and analytics, UK, Ireland and Benelux. Discussing the history of the product, he suggests it wasn’t an entirely new idea.

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