Connecting the fireground

(Advertorial) Richard Russell, Business Development Tait EMEA, speaks about some of the challenges fire rescue services face with legacy communications and discusses potential solutions

Fire rescue services have a growing emphasis on limited budgets, resulting in a need to achieve greater efficiencies – do more with less. This may sound familiar but are these perceived cost cuttings and procurement decisions actually delivering best value?

Low cost solutions may on paper seem appropriate but more often than not they turn out to be a false economy, resulting in poor performance and a route to unforeseen risks and dangers. Cost of ownership may increase and ultimately lead to rejection by the users who lose trust in the equipment that is supposed to help protect them.

So, how can this be avoided?
To mitigate risk, high quality and dependable communications are vital. Firefighters have their own unique communications requirements, not only for their own safety and the successful outcome of their mission, but for the safety of the public they serve.

Arguably firefighters face the harshest challenges invariably operating in the most hostile and punishing environments. Often the work is very physically demanding and extremely stressful. Firefighters often experience exhausting heat in hazardous conditions while working in low to zero visibility. Such conditions shouldn’t be underestimated especially with the threat to their well-being.

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