Connexin: from medicine to smart cities

Philip Mason talks to Connexin founder and CEO Furqan Alamgir about the future of the Internet of Things (IoT), and his belief that the technology industry itself might just be the element holding up a widespread roll-out of IoT

In January, Land Mobile reported on a series of awards given out by industry organisation IoT Breakthrough.

These awards included a variety of categories – including ‘connected home’, ‘connected car’ and so on – with the intention of showcasing, according to the organisation that ran it, “excellence” in the IoT realm. While all the winners certainly have a compelling story to tell, one of the most fascinating has to be Connexin, which came out top in ‘smart city deployment of the year’ for its involvement in the groundbreaking Newcastle Smart Road project.

In the first instance – as indicated by its win – the company is clearly worth paying attention to due to both the innovative nature of its tech and the attitude which it brings to the IoT enterprise. At the same time, meanwhile, it also has what you might call an interesting origin story, with its core focus having shifted several times on the decade-long journey to its current status within the industry.

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