Convergence creates value

(Advertisement feature) Aiwu Peng, vice president of ZTE Trunking Technology Corporation speaks to Sam Fenwick about narrowband-broadband convergence, a trend recognised by the top vendors in the critical communications industry at CCW 2017, and what his company is doing to make it a reality.

When did ZTE Trunking first start to focus on narrowband-broadband convergence?
ZTE Trunking has deep insight into industrial trends. As early as 2014, based on our understanding of the critical communications market, we decided that our products should be based on the following principles: digital-analogue compatibility, broadband-narrowband convergence, public-private network integration, and support for advanced services. These principles are embodied in our “2+4” solution and a series of products. Our decision to pursue these principles has been vindicated by the widespread acceptance of the move toward convergence by users and vendors across the industry.

Could you tell us more about your “2+4” solution?
The full name of our “2+4” solution is 2G+4G Broadband and Narrowband Convergence Solution, which we launched at Critical Communications World 2014. Using converged networks, terminals and services, it perfectly integrates Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) with LTE. DMR provides seamless wide-area coverage in a cost-effective manner to guarantee voice services while LTE allows the use of critical data services and visualised dispatch services in key areas, to improve command efficiency and situational awareness.

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