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(Advertorial) With its Triple Resilience alerting concept based on two-way paging, the PageOne network is enjoying an upsurge in usage. Chief Executive Chris Jones answers questions from Richard Lambley

Chris Jones (CJ): PageOne is now the only wide-area paging operator in the UK, after Vodafone closed its network in the middle of last year. PageOne has been very successful in migrating customers from the Vodafone network on to the PageOne network. The exercise itself underlined the need these customers had to continue using wide-area paging.

All of those Vodafone customers were using simple, receiving only, one-way paging. As part of that migration process, a high number of those customers opted for two-way pagers instead of one-way – and in particular, PageOne’s Triple Resilience paging. Although there’s an increased cost, there’s also an increased benefit that comes with that. This migration exercise showed that significant customers still want to use wide-area paging, simply because it has the unique characteristic of being able to broadcast a single message to a practically unlimited number of people at once. When you start looking at cell-based technologies like GSM, and how they become limiting when you want to send a message to lots of people very quickly, you can see why.

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