Designing devices for the warehouse environment

The rigours of the warehouse environment – both physical and mental – are crucial factors when it comes to technology product design in the logistics sector. Philip Mason investigates

Of all the different sectors covered in Land Mobile, there are few which take place in as challenging an environment as logistics.

First of all – simply from a business perspective – it is an industry which is becoming exponentially more competitive all the time, primarily in line with ever-increasing consumer expectation. If one company can deliver my sofa on a particular day, for instance, the next will have to differentiate its offer by providing me with a specific time. The level of accuracy in terms of picking and dispatch also has to be extraordinarily high, meanwhile, particularly in these days of instant trial by social media.

At the same time, the literally physical warehouse environments representing the back end of the logistics chain can also be incredibly tough to operate in, particularly for long periods of time. Potential occupational hazards, depending on what’s taking up floor space, can include loud noise, both low and extremely high levels of light, as well as extreme cold if products such as ice-cream are being stored.

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