Differentiation strategies for resellers

What are the strategies two-way radio resellers and dealerships can use to win business and differentiate themselves from the competition? Sam Fenwick investigates

The work of resellers is critical to the health of the two-way radio industry. Just as a tree cannot survive without its roots, manufacturers and distributors cannot survive without the resellers that sell to and support customers at the local level. At the same time, if profit margins are to be preserved across the industry then resellers have to avoid competing on price alone.

Richard Russell, business development manager at Tait Communications, argues that for resellers, competing on price is “often not sustainable” and adds: “A radio system sold on price may not be designed properly, configured correctly or installed appropriately. This can result in a bad experience by the end-users, even cause interference to others and impact their communication.

“Differentiation is therefore crucial to the long-term sustainability and profitability of resellers and manufacturers. If a radio device becomes a commodity then it loses its value and it becomes a race to the bottom and everyone loses.”

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