Getting the message across

(Advertorial) When it comes to protecting lone workers and providing secure alerting and critical messaging, Swissphone has much to offer. Graeme Hull, head of international sales, responds to questions put by Richard Lambley

How do you see the strengths of Swissphone as a communications solution provider?
The continuity of the business is one of its strengths as well as the tradition of the company, the reliability and the trust that we’ve built up – with our customers but just as importantly with our employees. We have a very highly motivated and talented group of more than 200 people around the world who really do contribute every day to Swissphone’s success.

Part of the strength of Swissphone, as the name implies, is that we’re a Swiss business. We are very precise in what we do in terms of forward planning, in terms of applying the knowledge that has been gained from the market to our products and to the quality that we put into our research and development and production in Switzerland.

And because we’re so close to our customers and so close to the market, we can adapt our technology and systems and networks to the needs of the market as they change.

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