How to buy body-worn cameras

Body-worn cameras offer more functionality, durability and connectivity than ever. But these days it’s not just about the camera, or indeed the emergency services market, as Vaughan O’Grady discovers

Body-worn cameras (BWCs) have come a long way in a short time – from simple record-only video cameras to cameras that offer exceptional audio-visual quality and durability. “Our camera solutions have expanded to include an advanced, robust suite of body cameras, including point-of-view cameras and in-car camera systems,” says a spokesperson for Axon, a supplier of what it describes as “connected devices and apps that work together to protect life”.

There is even live streaming over wireless networks. The Axon Body 3 is a case in point. “Agencies will be able to receive immediate safety alerts, like when a gunshot is detected, as well as review video over LTE and upload wirelessly without waiting to dock,” says Axon.

Bart van der Aa, CEO of Zepcam, which offers solutions for body-worn video and mobile video for professional use, notes that live video can create better situational awareness. Thus not only the user but also someone in the command and control room has eyes in the field. An example of this is the Zepcam T1 Live, a body-worn video system that is able to wirelessly stream video and data to computers and command and control centres.

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