How to buy two-way radio accessories

The two-way radio community is well supported by a huge range of accessories that help adapt radios for the exact environment in which they will be used, but what do you need to know when procuring them? Simon Creasey investigates

Users of two-way radios face a dizzying array of options when it comes to accessories. From bog-standard functional kit such as batteries and chargers, through to more cutting-edge headsets and earpieces, there are literally thousands of different accessories on the market provided by device manufacturers and third-party vendors.

Navigating these can be bewildering for the uninitiated. So what do potential purchasers of two-way radio accessories need to watch out for, and what is the direction of travel in terms of future innovation?

Although many customers buy their accessories when they buy their radio device, there is a large after-market for accessories to meet the very specific individual needs of users, according to Sean Fitzgerald, solutions marketing manager at Motorola Solutions UK.

“They typically don’t come to us saying ‘I want some accessories’,” says Fitzgerald. “They come to us saying ‘I have some particular need that needs to be fulfilled’, and these needs normally fall into two categories. The first one is there is some particular functionality that’s required, and the other major pot is the particular environment that people are working in, and they need some equipment to overcome whatever that environment is.”

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