Improving security with wireless technology

Philip Mason examines how the security industry is using cutting-edge wireless technology to protect life and property in a world of constantly evolving threats

The security sector has been the beneficiary of technological advances

While still very much in its infancy, the Internet of Things (IoT) is offering a glimpse of a new world, where seemingly endless connectivity is going to provide seemingly endless solutions. It’s almost as if the tech is waiting for us to identify problems, new or old, just so it can step forward and put them right.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the security industry, which in recent years has seen a raft of innovations being developed in response to thorny, often lingering issues. These products range from digital two-way radio communications to the application of LTE to communicate video signals in real time, monitor location and status, identify changes to a particular environment, and so on.

That the security sector has been a significant beneficiary of these recent innovations is really no surprise. There will always be those trying to circumvent whatever measures are put in place to protect property or life, often with extraordinary invention, efficiency, and in some cases, malice. One only has to remember Al Qaeda operative Richard Reid hiding an explosive device in the sole of his shoe to realise the degree to which disaster is often only a missed second-guess away.

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