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In the market for… small cells

If your employees and customers are struggling to get a signal, small cells are one solution,
but what do you have to consider before you deploy them? Sam Fenwick investigates

In-building cellular coverage has gone from a nice-to-have to a must-have. This trend was recently illustrated by PWC’s decision to ditch its landlines for the bulk of its employees with the goal of boosting their efficiency. Similarly, imagine two hotels – one where its guests can easily make phone calls and use their smartphones to their hearts’ content, and one where it’s impossible to get a decent signal; which of the two is likely to find it easier to fill its rooms?

Indeed, David Orloff, chair of the Small Cell Forum, says a study has shown that hotels can charge more per square foot when they have mobile connectivity throughout their premises. He also says (with the perspective of someone based in the US) that hospitals are heading in the same direction: “Customers of the hospital will go and be more comfortable choosing a specific healthcare provider if while they’re there they have mobility services. Even doctors are starting to [push for indoor connectivity] because they are interested in having access to procedures as they move throughout the hospital.”

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