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Integrating security alarms and alerts with DMR radios can provide speedier evacuations in the event of an emergency and reduce costly false alarms, as well as providing other, non-critical applications, making this an attractive functionality for building owners. Simon Creasey reports

For building owners, security is always at the forefront of their considerations. It doesn’t matter whether they are dealing with a small site that has very few people in it, or a large site such as a stadium or a tower block, where there are large numbers of people within a confined area – the challenges facing building owners remain the same and these have never been more daunting.

False alarms can be damaging – especially if it is a hotel evacuation in the middle of the night as a result of a suspected fire, or a suspect package left in a shopping centre that requires the site to be emptied of shoppers and workers. These incidents need to be managed as smoothly and efficiently as possible. That’s why a growing number of building owners are considering investing in DMR radios that allow them to integrate security alarms or alerts.

The benefits of these systems are manifold, according to Richard Iveson, business development manager at GlobalView Systems. As well as enabling swifter evacuations in the event of a serious security problem, they can also significantly cut down on the number of false alarms, which are problematic in their own right.

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