Intelligent Wi-Fi

Thorsten Freitag, VP EMEA of Mist, talks to Sam Fenwick about how his company’s use of machine learning is making it easier to manage and troubleshoot Wi-Fi networks

Anyone’s experience of using Wi-Fi knows that service at large venues can be patchy and a host of different things could be the problem, making it difficult to troubleshoot, while the sheer number of possible interactions between different devices and access points means that trying to replicate the problem can be a fool’s errand.

Mist, a company hailing from Silicon Valley, has its sights on changing this through using cloud-based machine learning. Thorsten Freitag, its VP EMEA, tells me it was founded when a Fortune 100 company had just deployed a wireless network, only for its CIO to say: “This is great, but on Monday, how do I know what experience I’m giving my users?” The company was created to solve this issue using artificial intelligence back in 2015, and it has been providing what it claims to be the industry’s first learning WLAN for about 18 months.

In that time, it has picked up about 250 customers, with one in 10 hailing from the Fortune 500, and these include “the top e-commerce company, the top internet search engine company, and the top social media company”.

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