Lone worker solutions: distant early warning

Simon Creasey speaks to solution developers about the ongoing evolution of ‘lone worker’ technology to help protect those working in the local government space.

Over the past 18 months, huge swathes of the UK population have in essence become what might be referred to as ‘lone workers’.

They have been forced to operate from home offices, spare bedrooms and kitchen tables, away from their colleagues while the pandemic raged. But now, as the world gets back towards the semblance of normality, the idea of ‘lone working’ is starting to re-acquire its traditional meaning.

In other words, referring to those who regularly find themselves working away from the office, often in hazardous or difficult environments. This includes the tens of thousands of people employed by local authorities, delivering vital local services up and down the country on a daily basis.

Those working for local authorities face unique challenges across the course of their working day. They therefore require unique technology to mitigate those challenges and risks. Taking those working in the community as an example, people are acutely aware of the great personal risks that have been taken on during COVID-19.

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