People are at the heart of everything we do

(Advertorial) It’s not just about the tech – the number of lines of code, the latest IoT integration, number of G or the supercharged software – it’s how our solutions help people in their everyday lives.

To the installers. We make our software simple, so you can get in and out; we can provide testing and support beforehand to keep surprises to a minimum. We’ve a dedicated UK support team with years of true radio system installation experience, so last thing Friday afternoon when you need us and all you want to do is get finished and go home we’ll be on hand to help.

To the sales teams. We priced our software to give you flexibility; it’s modular so if your client needs a little or a lot, pick and mix to suit the needs and the budget, with add-ons available at a later date. There’s marketing literature, demo equipment and the software is all designed by us in house. So if you need a few tweaks or something unique let us know, we’ll work with you to get it over the line.

To the end users. Security, maintenance, porters, teachers and engineers. We’re here to protect you; help you guard your visitors and buildings. We’re here to keep your businesses productive, open and safe; reputations solid and workers employed.

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