Radio systems made simple with Hytera

(Advertisement feature) Hytera's DMR two-way radio portfolio offers a solution for the smallest communications network right up to countrywide systems and everything in between

Finding the right two-way radio communications solution might seem like a slightly daunting prospect at first if you have never used one before. The term "radio system" makes it sound a little scary, but choosing a solution does not need to be complex – or expensive for that matter.

The answers to these questions will largely determine the radio solution you end up with. Hytera offers a full portfolio of Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Tier II conventional and Tier Ill trunking products and solutions covering every possible need. At its simplest that need may be just a few DMR Tier II hand portable terminals communicating directly with each other within a small, localised area.

If you have a larger number of subscribers and you want to communicate over a wider area using more feature-rich applications then you will need to add one or more repeaters. You can then expand coverage and capacity using Hytera IP Site Connect and IP Multi-site Connect, which links repeaters in different areas and enables them to switch voice, text and data packets over a TCP/IP-based network.

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