Spirit of optimism

Land Mobile takes a close look at three recently developed business communications solutions, discerning increasing user focus on the part of manufacturers going into 2022

It may be somewhat of a cliché to say it, but with each new year inevitably also comes the promise of fresh possibilities and new ways of thinking.

For the business communications sector, this could certainly be the case in 2022, with an increasingly exotic variety of products and solutions continuing to be adopted across pretty much every business vertical. At the same time, we also seem to be reaching the latter stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, a development which will likely free up not just movement but also investment.

In this article, we are going to try and foster this spirit of optimism by focusing on several new and innovative solutions, developed by different companies across the sector. While they may be disparate in nature, each of these products is linked by the intention to solve a very specific operational or business problem, as dictated by the requirements of users/the market.

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