The power must flow

Philip Mason discusses the use of comms in the utilities sector with Adrian Grilli and Peter Couch of the Joint Radio Company

There are few more mission-critical activities than power generation. It plays an ever-more crucial role in our increasingly connected society. And this will only intensify as we move towards the proposed widespread introduction of electric cars by 2040.

At the same time, utility companies must deal with huge changes when it comes to how they conduct their business. This includes developing diverse methods of production via innovations such as tidal energy and photovoltaic systems.

Digital comms are vital to keep the UK from sliding, temporarily or otherwise, back into the 19th century – from handheld devices used by operatives onsite to real-time monitoring technology deployed across the network.

Modern-day complexities
Few in the utilities industry are better placed to give an overview of this rapidly evolving landscape than Adrian Grilli (pictured left) and Peter Couch. Grilli is the managing director of the Joint Radio Company – which provides spectrum consultation to the sector –, while Couch came on board as JRC chief executive officer in September following two decades in broadcast and mobile comms.

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