Two-way radio adds value in hospitality

The hospitality sector has simple radio requirements – but emerging, innovative applications are helping firms to compete. Kate O’Flaherty has the details

Websites such as TripAdvisor are putting pressure on the hospitality industry to offer an unrivalled customer experience. This is seeing the sector slowly starting to branch out from simple push-to-talk radio communications towards applications that increase operational efficiency, such as job ticketing.

This is in addition to the use of two-way radios to improve safety and security, especially when deployed on large sites. It is with this in mind that applications for two-way radio in the hospitality sector include integration with fire panels and the ability to use GPS tracking to keep lone workers safe.

One example of two-way radio improving efficiency and customer safety in hospitality is Bovey Castle, a high-end hotel set in a former manor house. The hotel’s estates team uses Land Rovers. In the past, guests taking part in the hotel’s off-road experience were out of range, so the radios would not work in the event of an incident. This led Bovey to ask its supplier, Premier Communication Electronics (PCE), to deploy around 12 Motorola DP1400 radios with an antenna system and repeaters. As part of this, according to Alan Macdonald-Brown, technical sales consultant at PCE, the venue now has radio coverage in the event of an incident. Bovey can scale up the deployment if necessary: PCE was able to supply a total of around 20 devices when the venue was hosting a high-profile wedding.

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