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Vertical focus: comms for the security industry

The private security industry has long relied on two-way radio for its communications. However, PoC is beginning to make in-roads into the sector, as James Atkinson reports.

The private security industry provides protection services for people, premises and property across many different sectors. Services vary widely but include guarding cash and valuables in transit (CVIT), close protection of individuals, door supervision, public space surveillance and overseeing video surveillance systems. It also includes crowd management/stewarding at events, guarding occupied buildings, vacant property protection, overseeing access and asset protection.

But whatever the role, some form of personal communication device is a must for most private security personnel. Sean Fitzgerald, EMEA customer insights marketing manager at Motorola Solutions UK, says: “Most security guards are connected to their wider security team, and two-way radio has been around for a long time to fulfil that need.

“Obviously some of the functionality that has been built into radios over time like lone-worker, man-down and emergency calling functionality play very well in the private security market. We do still see that people are relying on radios because of the mission-critical nature of the use-case.”

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