What does Brexit mean for the UK's two-way radio industry?

With the pre-Brexit political wrangling continuing to roll on, Philip Mason talks to some major players in the communications technology industry about the expected impact if and when the UK eventually leaves the EU

This article is being written on the first day back after the Easter holidays, following – quite frankly – a good, long rest. This year, however, it wasn’t just work from which the United Kingdom was taking a break, but also the ongoing machinations around its exit from the European Union, with Parliament finally getting to embark on its traditional spring recess in the middle of April.

As followers of the supposed Brexit ‘process’ will know, MPs’ annual spring sabbatical was actually in jeopardy up until the last minute, with the UK and EU still in discussions as of 10 April due to the possibility of our crashing out with ‘no deal’ two days later. The aforementioned 12 April deadline, meanwhile, was in itself the result of a previous extension, again decided on the fly two days prior to the original cut-off point of 29 March. We now find ourselves with a further period of grace, this time potentially lasting – and who said the gods of politics don’t have a sense of humour – until Halloween.

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