Airbus rolls-out LTE/TETRA app

Airbus has deployed smartphones equipped with its Tactilon Agnet app to organisers and staff at December’s Fortune Global Forum, which took place in Guangzhou, China.

According to the company, the roll-out was the first time that the solution - which allows LTE users to talk securely with those using TETRA devices - has been employed during a single operation.

A spokesperson for Airbus said: “The app allowed officials to communicate securely and simultaneously in groups with the local authority organisations. Tactilon Agnet and the tens of thousands of TETRA users were all dispatched from the same command and control centres.”

Speaking of the deployment, Airbus’ Selim Bouri said: “After providing professional mobile radio technology for the Belt and Road Forum [which took place in Beijing] in 2017, we have [once again] demonstrated - convincingly - our expertise and experience in secure communications.”

Set up in 2010, the Guangzhou government’s shared TETRA network is the second largest city-wide system of its kind in the world.

The Global Forum, which was hosted by Fortune magazine, attracted visitors including politicians and senior executives from “more than 150 of the world’s top 500 companies.” It focussed on international commerce.

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