Andromeda provides PoC communications to Pedal for Scotland event

Pedal for Scotland, the country’s largest cycling event relied on Andromeda’s AD100-GPS radios for the third year running. The radios operate over the public 3G mobile data networks to provide full coverage of all 145 miles of the course and 16 simultaneous group channels.

Prior to the event, Andromeda analysed the mobile networks’ coverage and capacity, before selecting the networks, technology and spectrum band that together would provide the most reliable service possible. The radios used multi-network SIMs with special roaming profiles that were optimised specifically for the event. In the event’s control room (shown below), Andromeda’s dispatcher software provided voice communications and live GPS tracking, allowing the operators to swiftly response to unexpected circumstances. According to John Swarbrick, Andromeda’s managing director, there are two main categories of incidents that take place during mass participation cycling events that require urgent responses: medical incidents where cyclists may be feeling unwell or have come off their bikes and route safety incidents.

In the case of the former, Swarbrick said that having GPS is key to understanding exactly where the incident is, and then allocating nearby resources. A benefit of push-to-talk technology is that the event control can maintain communications with vehicles even when they go off-route, for example where an ambulance is conveying a participant to hospital. As far as route safety is concerned, while larger events such as Pedal for Scotland are closed road, Swarbrick said that “sometimes members of the public ignore the restrictions and force their way onto the route. A situation where a vehicle is moving on the route, potentially towards cyclists, has to be resolved very quickly indeed. Coordination between different teams such as the safety motorbikes, marshals, traffic management and route management is vital to track down the vehicle and ensure the route is made safe.”

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