APD collaborates with what3words

APD has launched a new cloud-based control room mapping software – ‘Maps’ – designed to “optimise emergency services’ response to incidents”.

According to the company, the solution locates personnel, as well as “callers, vehicles, incidents, points of interest and even the nearest defibrillators”. It incorporates what3words, a consumer technology which works by identifying any global position through a unique combination of three words.

Speaking of the technology, a spokesperson for APD said: “Maps is accessed through a simple web browser and can be used alongside other control room applications. The software integrates with Google Street View, CCTV camera locations, real-time traffic flow information, highways data and automatic number plate recognition.”

Managing director of APD, Mike Isherwood, said: “Using APD Maps, control room personnel can dispatch multiple emergency services and public agencies to the same incident, by sharing a single co-ordinate pin to ensure they all receive the same information.

“Estimated times of arrival can be clearly viewed and provide the operator with immediate and accurate details in real time, supporting them to reassure the caller until help arrives. It can also help plot the quickest route to an incident, saving time and potentially lives.”

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