ARM introduces first new chip architecture in a decade

British technology giant ARM has launched ARMv9, its first new chip in a decade, offering "enhanced 5G processing, machine learning and augmented reality capabilities."

According to the company, the new Armv9 architecture will “form the leading edge of the next 300 billion [devices with] ARM chips”.

ARM chip technology is built into most mobile phones and laptops and has been installed in more than 100 billion devices over the last five years.

The company claims that all of the world’s shared data will be processed on ARM chips "at the endpoint, in the data networks or the cloud, before the end of the decade". Timescale for deployment in mobile devices is 2022 after testing later this year. The company has said it will launch upgrades annually until 2030.

The first ARMv9 architecture will "enable performance increases of more than 30 per cent" in mobile and cloud CPUs through specialised computing functions incorporating 5G, AI and IoT. The chip also includes CCA (Confidential Compute Architecture) to protect sensitive data and code, for example in devices used in the medical or financial sectors.

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