Boundless teams with Mimosa to build network for ‘unreachables’

Wireless company Boundless Networks has partnered with Mimosa solutions to help construct its broadband network for ‘under-served’ areas of northern England.

The Boundless network covers 5,000 square miles, and according to the company, is the first to bring ultra-broadband speeds to remote villages and businesses within the region. The network has been constructed using point-to-multipoint MicroPoP and GigaPoP architectures, the latter of which employ sectored Mimosa A5c 'connectorised' access points.

The MicroPoP installations meanwhile are deployments of Mimosa A5 access points, mounted on strategically-located village roof-tops. Subscribers hosting an access point on their roof do so in exchange for a discounted service.

Speaking of the partnership, Boundless MD David Burns said: “We wanted to team with Mimosa as they are the only company operating at this level, with stable and predictable solutions performing as advertised.

“Customers expect and deserve broadband that will support Ultra HD video streaming on demand and will connect a growing number of TVs, tablets, smartphones, PCs and smart home equipment. Mimosa’s Ultrafast Fixed 5G solutions have allowed Boundless to jump ahead of city speeds in rural locations. This ultra-fast network which goes way beyond the government’s target of 30Mbps."

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