Brexit: majority of technology professionals for remain

Juniper Research has revealed that 65 per cent of the UK technology professionals it surveyed believe Brexit “would have a negative impact on the tech industry”.

The research paper, Brexit – the Tech Industry Take (published on 20 June), surveyed 109 UK technology professionals to reveal that of those, one in three British respondents believed the outcome of Brexit would either be positive or have no impact on the global tech industry. It also found that 16 per cent Britons believe that Brexit will have a positive impact compared to eight per cent of the remaining 104 respondents from 41 different countries.

Amongst UK respondents who believe that Brexit would have a negative impact on the tech industry, 72 per cent claimed that it would be harder for UK tech firms to attract and employ individuals from EU countries. This figure was lower (56 per cent) amongst non-UK respondents.

Nearly two-thirds of UK respondents who believe Brexit would have a negative impact claimed the industry would suffer as a result of reduced funding from the EU for the UK tech sector and that London would be less attractive as a tech hub. Amongst all respondents who believe that Brexit would have a negative effect, the reason most often cited (by 67 per cent of such respondents) was that the UK would no longer be able to influence EU policy-making in the tech sector.

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