BT explains new charges stem from recycling efforts

BT has said new post-contract customer charges are part of the company’s plans to reduce its environmental impact.

Customers will be charged between £43 and £50 if they fail to return their Wi-Fi router at the end of their contract, whereas those who keep TV set-top boxes could be charged between £60 and £115.

BT added a statement to its customer contracts last year to make clear that it retains ownership of its Wi-Fi routers and TV set-top boxes, with customers being “loaned” the kit.

The company’s website says that returning equipment can “help reduce the environmental impact” as it will “reuse some of the components and recycle the rest”.

These routers and set-top boxes are locked to the BT network, so cannot be used to access other broadband networks. The company told the BBC that this is so it can control software security updates and offer better customer support.

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