BT joins TCCA

UK-based communications operator BT has joined TCCA. The company – via its EE network – is providing coverage for the Emergency Services Network, as well as ensuring priority, pre-emption and quality of service for its users.

Describing the company in a statement, a TCCA spokesperson said: “Globally, BT supports more than 1.2 million businesses and public sector organisations and over 32 million consumer customers. Defence, central government, emergency services, the NHS, critical power and water agencies, all depend on BT.” The company also facilitates the UK’s emergency call handling service, dealing with – again, according to TCCA - over 39 million 999/112 calls a year.

Discussing the move, BT’s managing director of ESN, Richard Harrap, said: “We’re delighted to join the TCCA and share our extensive EE and BT expertise. This has been established over many years [of] delivering critical national infrastructure and mission critical services. 

"As one of the world’s first organisations to integrate mission critical voice and broadband services over a commercial LTE network, we’ve learned [much] that could benefit other nations as they embark upon similar journeys. Through our TCCA membership we can collaborate, learn from how others approach critical communications, and continue to drive standards forward for the benefit of the industry. “

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