Cambridge smart city roll-out

Smart street lighting specialist Telensa has announced the launch of the Urban Data Project, facilitated by a new Azure cloud platform developed by the company.

The solution – according to Telnsa – creates a “trust infrastructure for urban data, enabling cities to collect, protect and use [it] for the benefit of all citizens.” Data is harvested by ‘multi-sensor pods’ installed on streetlight poles, running on Microsoft Azure IoT Edge and featuring real-time artificial intelligence. The first deployment will be in Cambridge in the UK.

Speaking of the rollout, Will Franks, CEO of Telensa, said: “We’ve been busy working with cities for the past ten years, making millions of streetlights smart, and turning light poles into sensor hubs. But for us it was always about data and finding economical ways for cities to take control of their urban data assets.”

Claire Ruskin, executive board member for the Greater Cambridge Partnership, and CEO of Cambridge Network, said: “Cambridge has pioneered a number of smart technologies, collaborating between the city’s world class academic and commercial R&D organisations and local authorities.

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