Cradlepoint smart bin collaboration

Cradlepoint is collaborating with SmartSort Technologies on the development of AI-enabled recycling bins.

According to a statement, the innovation combines the former’s IoT connectivity – via its secure S700 router - with the latter providing artificial intelligence. The aim of the initiative is to “turn recycling needs from a cost centre into a profit centre.”

Key capabilities of the SmartSort waste bins will include an “intelligent sorting system for reduced contamination,” alongside the “ability to collect real-time data to support waste generation activities and custodial routing.”

Discussing the collaboration, a spokesperson said: “SmartSort is part of Cradlepoint’s new Embedded Partner Programme. This gives organisations access to certified, secure, and scalable solutions and best-in-class 5G and LTE integration capabilities.”

CMO of Cradlepoint, Donna Johnson, said: “The power of 5G applied to sustainability allows intelligence to be applied at the edge, empowering people to make the right decisions. Cradlepoint and its parent company Ericsson are passionate about sustainability and our impact on the planet.

“SmartSort is a great example of how 5G and emerging digital technologies can have an impact on organisations and future generations.”

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