‘Cutting edge’ planning tool supports Europe’s largest 5G health network

Liverpool’s 5G Create network has begun using a “cutting edge” planning tool to demonstrate the benefits of 5G in relation to “life-changing health, social care and education technologies”.

The tool, designed by CGA Simulation, uses ‘digital twinning’, artificial intelligence and gaming visualisation to allow 5G Create to plan the continuing expansion of what it claims is Europe’s largest 5G health and social care network, currently rolled out in the city’s Kensington area.

According to CGA, the tool “saves time and resources for any project planning a 5G network” by allowing users to create an online digital copy of the network build area. It uses local data from Ordnance Survey, the Office for National Statistics, as well as local authority mapping capability.

The £7.2m Liverpool network has been funded by the DCMS (Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport) as part of the UK-wide 5G testbed and trials programme.

“Using the planning tool we can analyse how a 5G connection penetrates through walls, and where 5G nodes should be placed to navigate around obstructions like trees,” said Jon Wetherall, managing director of CGA.

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