dPMR Association warns on false use of dPMR trade mark and logo

An investigation led by the dPMR Association​ has discovered that some products being offered for sale online are using the dPMR trade mark and logo in an unauthorised manner and that the manufacturers of these products as passing them off “as compliant with ETSI conformance and interoperability standards.”

The association adds that this is “not only in breach of the dPMR trade mark but also presents real risks to users”.

The dPMR Association has named four companies in relation to the above:

The association also reports that these manufacturers have been informed of the Association procedures as to use of the Trade Mark logo with no effect.

Land Mobile asked all four companies to comment on this issue. Shortly after this story was initially published, a Quansheng representative apologised for "undeliberately" using the logo and confirmed that it would not use it in future unless it joins the dPMR Association, while noting that it will take some time to remove it from its website and e-documents.

Pete Hizzey, dPMR Association chairman, said: “The authorised use of the dPMR trade mark serves as an assurance to users that equipment conforms to the ETSI standard and will interoperate with other equipment with the same marking. The current products offered for sale from manufacturers which are not members of the dPMR Association will not have been tested to the satisfaction of the dPMR Association Technical Working Group and it is highly unlikely that these products would meet with ETSI standards or offer interoperability with other genuine dPMR marked equipment in any of the dPMR Product Classes.” He advises that: “Any potential users who are unsure about the legitimacy of a product or equipment being offered for sale as dPMR compliant, should email the Association’s Secretary at secretary@dpmrassociation.org for clarification.”

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