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Drones to deliver NHS supplies to Isle of Wight

The government has announced a plan to start the regular drone delivery of medical supplies to the Isle of Wight.

In March, the government announced its partnership with Solent Transport and its plan to fund over £28 million into developing new flight technologies. Grant Schnapps, secretary of state for transport, has shared the government's plan to fast-track these planned drone trials, due to current urgent needs.

Pending approval from the Civil Aviation Authority, the gas-powered Windracer Ultra will make multiple trips per day, depending on the needs of the NHS. The aircraft drone can carry up to 100 kilograms and has a distance capability of more than 1,000 kilometres.

The Department for Transport has said the drone would fly autonomously between Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, with one pilot based at each airfield. The return trip would only take approximately 20 minutes.

This initiative will ensure that the Isle of Wight's hospital has the essential medical supplies and equipment required during the COVID-19 outbreak. As well as being fast and cost-effective, it has the potential to improve health services by reducing wait times for test results and providing possibly life-saving medication.

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