ESN transition delayed

The transition of the emergency services from the Airwave TETRA network to the Emergency Services Network (ESN) has been delayed. The first of the user organisations (the North West region) to transition was due to start in September 2017. However, according to a document seen by Land Mobile, the Emergency Services Mobile Communications Programme (ESMCP) has changed the date for ESN to become service-ready to October 2017.

It states: “This [October 2017] is when all elements of ESN will be tested and ready for the emergency service users to start major operational trials. We anticipate that these trials will take between two and five months,” the document states. “Once agreed, this change will mean that emergency services organisations’ transition to the new network will now begin at the earliest in December 2017, which is three months later than currently planned.”

A Home Office spokesperson said: “...ESN will help keep people safe and provide the dedicated teams who work so hard protecting the public and saving lives with the most advanced communications system of its kind anywhere in the world.

“We are committed to rolling out ESN and completing transition to the new network as soon as possible, and when acceptable to the emergency services.”

“To make sure this happens, we have rigorously reviewed the programme with suppliers to make sure our plan is achievable.” They could not confirm or deny reports from other media outlets that the North West region’s transition will be delayed until March 2018.

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