ETSI publishes Harmonised Standards for new EU Radio Equipment Directive

The new Radio Equipment Directive (RED) came into force in Europe on 13 June, having been published in May 2014. ETSI is developing and publishing Harmonised European Standards to support the directive and these are the preferred means for manufacturers to comply with the regulation. Equipment that complies with the Harmonised Standards for RED is presumed to comply with the Directive’s requirements.

In August 2015 the European Commission requested that ETSI and the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardisation (CENELEC) produce the Harmonised European Standards which the Commission will reference in the Official Journal of the European Union, and which manufacturers can then use for presumption of conformity.

So far ETSI has published 53 Harmonised Standards and expects to publish a further 143 within the next 12 months. Links to the published Harmonised Standards and a list of those under development can be found here.

The European Parliament and Council Directive on Radio and Telecommunication Terminal Equipment (R&TTED) was revised in 2014 to become the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) 2014/53/EU. After 13 June 2017, equipment can no longer be placed on the market under the R&TTED.

RED aligns the previous Directive with the new legislative framework for the marketing of products. It has been written to ensure a single market for radio equipment by setting essential requirements for safety and health, electromagnetic compatibility and the efficient use of the radio spectrum.

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