ETSI tackling mismatch between automotive and wireless tech life cycles with software radio reconfiguration

ETSI’s Technical Committee for Reconfigurable Radio Systems claims to have created a system that will allow in-vehicle connectivity systems to be upgraded over time through the use of software updates

Today’s vehicles are increasing doubling as mobile devices, using data from cellular networks for navigation and to download real-time traffic information, map updates, while vehicle manufacturers are increasingly providing remote diagnostics and software updates. However, the complete lifecycle of a vehicle is significantly longer than that of a mobile device, so many of the vehicles being made today will still be used well into the 5G era.

ETSI’s Technical Committee for Reconfigurable Radio Systems claims to have developed a system which can help solve this and similar issues. Its Software Radio Reconfiguration model “provides a modular and scalable solution to the challenge of deploying and using software radio systems”. The solution, described in a recent ETSI white paper and in the EN 303 146 series of European Standards, according to ETSI, “allows a gradual and stepwise deployment of software reconfigurable radio”.

ETSI claims that its Software Radio Reconfiguration model provides solutions to the following issues:

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