France: Syndico becomes Hytera’s official distributor

PMR resellers across France can now access Hytera’s full product portfolio from its distribution partner​ ​Syndico

Dijon-based Syndico France states that it offers the same service and support to resellers as Syndico does in the UK and claims that resellers working with it will benefit from:

In addition, Syndico does not sell to end users so it doesn’t compete with its reseller partners.

“We are incredibly proud of our growth and achievements to date and we look forward to working hard to build relationships and trust with new partners across France. We want to support resellers with the best product and best service in the industry to help them shine,” said Andrew Wilson, Syndico’s managing director.

“People frequently ask about the company name and how we arrived at ‘Syndico’. Simply, this is a shortened version of ‘Synchronised Distribution Company’. We realise that everything needs to be synchronised to work. We need the good will, skill, effort and contribution of everyone involved. Our customers, suppliers, investors and the Syndico team all need to be ‘Synced’ for the business to work. That’s what we aim for, and that’s what we think we have achieved.”

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