Freshwave lands first Scottish leisure park private network

Network service provider Freshwave has announced the successful launch of the first 4G private mobile network at a pair of leisure parks in Scotland.

The Verdant Leisure-owned Erigmore and Thurston Manor Leisure Parks will offer what Freshwave claimed will be “improved wireless connectivity on a 4G network” as a result of a shared spectrum deal with Vodafone.

Telecoms reseller Online Systems helped support Freshwave on the design and build of the 4G mobile private network using outdoor small cell technology.

Outdoor small cells bring broadband data speeds to each lodge in the parks located in Perthshire and the Lothians via a network of small cells and a mini antenna on each lodge. A SIM-based router inside then distributes the signal via Wi-Fi using Vodafone’s 2600MHz spectrum in areas where the operator does not yet use it for public services.

Using small cells rather than outdoor Wi-Fi meant there was less infrastructure to install according to Online Systems managing director Greg Morton who added that with less underground cabling “you don’t run the same risks of encountering unmapped utilities during installation” so it benefits services on site, such as maintenance and housekeeping.

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