Gatwick Airport to roll out MOTOTRBO Capacity Max digital radio system

Motorola Solutions and its channel partner Servicom are launching a MOTOTRBO Capacity Max system at London Gatwick Airport, which saw 4.6 million passengers travel through it in July.

The Capacity Max system will bring will bring enhanced, resilient and secure voice and data communications to 1,300 users both airside and groundside, benefiting ground staff, security personnel and maintenance teams across the airport and there are plans in place for further expansion.

The new Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) system will double the capacity of the existing analogue network and is fully scalable, supporting the airport’s future growth.

Gatwick’s airside and groundside teams will be able to take advantage of Capacity Max’s “powerful data performance” through the use of new applications.

These include TRBOnet PLUS, a dispatcher application that enables voice recording, mapping and event logging in the control room, and iBeacon indoor positioning, which allows alerts to be sent to individual radios based on location. With the new system, central controllers can dispatch the closest employee to an incident, saving staff valuable time.

Other built-in functions include settings for lone workers, geo-fencing to create restricted areas and automated escalation protocols, which will bring upgraded safety and security capabilities.

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